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    Amicus Readers provide an inviting variety of nonfiction leveled books for K-2, serving young learners in pursuit of reading skills—just like Amicus pursues the big red ball.

  • Illustrated


    Amicus Illustrated offers fiction and nonfiction for preschool to grade 6 with highly visual information and stories that students—and our pal Amicus—are after!

  • High Interest


    Like many students, Amicus likes to pursue what's of interest to him. Amicus High Interest books serve individual interests of those in grades 2-6.

  • Ink


    Amicus Ink features board books, picture books, and paperbacks that encourage young children to explore facts, examine ideas, and imagine new ways of understanding the world.

  • Spot


    Spot books pair key words with engaging images at the beginning, middle, and end—making it fun to read, spot, and learn.

  • Sequence


    Sequence books explain the processes and timelines behind kids' favorite things. Each title connects products and knowledge step-by-step from idea, through creation and discovery, to the end user.

Back-to-School Reads

Fall is coming! Kids are going back to school with both excitement and fear after months of isolation. Or maybe you’re homeschooling. Either way, transitions can be hard.

Our family has found that books provide ample opportunity for connection and discussion—at all ages. Our biggest problem? Too many good books to choose from. To help you choose meaningful books for learning, our associate publisher offers her favorite reads for fall, by age.

Age 0–2

When reading with babies and toddlers, it’s important for them just to hear your voice and learn to turn the page. Board books keep them from tearing the pages. Read Julie Abery’s Little Animal Friends series for heartwarming stories of baby animal adventures.

Age 3-4

Ready for preschool? Whether kids are learning at home or in a daycare or preschool setting, they’ll devour books that help them understand early concepts, and they love repetition! Check out The Amicus Book of… board book series for ABCs, 123s, colors and more.

Age 5-6

Kindergarten, here we come! As kids learn to read, they need easy books they can read independently on topics they like. From ocean animals to trucks, our Spot books give kids consistent features for early reading success. Get them hooked on nonfiction series!

Age 7-8

As kids’ reading confidence grows, give them slightly longer books with a few more challenges. Try Pro Sports Biographies, featuring a diverse group of athletes, for young sports fans. And don’t miss our Favorite Breeds series. We’ve got cats, dogs, and horses for young animal lovers.

Age 8-9

Second grade is a perfect time to introduce narrative nonfiction. Let kids put themselves in the story with series like Do You Really Want to Meet a Dinosaur? For kids who need a boost with social-emotional learning, give them our choose-your-ending books Making Good Choices. They’ll want to read each book multiple times to compare the different endings.

Age 9-10

As kids get older, they may be assigned to write reports. Look to our Sequence imprint for biographies like The Life of Harriet Tubman and kid-friendly explanations of government like Understanding How Laws are Made. For fun, try Making a Video Game and learn what happens behind the scenes.

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